When it comes to paying homage to the 1990’s experimental grunge/flange music, Roy Blair takes the cake with the newest release of “Shell” and all of it’s mind-warping sounds and mixes. Yes, the beginning of “Shell” sounds like a mixture of Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage and a very domestic Nirvana, whatever we think that means it works for us right now. Deal with it. Get this, we even get a bit of a boy band vibe with the type of chorus we are vibing out to. The sound of familiarity but unique mix is quite a breathe of fresh air as we rock back and forth to chorus flange guitar.
Just when you thought it was just one sound the story immediately flips the script and gives you a taste of a Kid Cudi tribute. Sick vocals that sound effortless but pleasurable to listen to after you’ve hit the high. Take a deep breath and breathe in the flange chords and vocals to have all to ourselves. All in all, it’s a soft and soothing track that can rock hard in its own right. It’s a new wave of Alternative Rock that we hope catches on with the masses and we’re here to spread it to you guys. Do Roy Blair a favor and listen to “Shell” and step out of your own shell when you tell people of this psychedelic meteoric rise and fall.

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