Smiles with Teeth just released their newest EP and we’re particularly excited to be able to cover and review it. We decided to choose one song to write about because it’s the one that stood out the most to us and we believe this is the one that’s going to give them the most bang. “We fight in the prettiest places” is the track we love because first off, that title is intriguing on it’s own and we absolutely needed to know how creative this band wanted to take it.
Straight out of Montreal, Canada, we’re so glad that they reached out to us to check out their music because we would’ve never have known who they were. It’s so tough to find actually good up-and-coming bands, even with all this technology, which is why We Sound Strange does the dirty work for all our readers. We find, or in this case, they found us, to give you good music from artists who don’t have the same pull but just as much or even light years more talent than what you hear on the radio.
“We fight in the prettiest places” is actually a sweet song when you truly listen to the lyrics. The guitar captivated us as well as it’s melodies are quite soothing to the ear and we felt as if Mozart himself coached them to fine tune it to fit a pleasant feel. Of course, as many of our loyal readers know, we’re big guitar fans so it’s no surprise we love it when we listen to great guitar playing. The drums set the tone for the rhythm and it felt as if the drummer and the bass player have a solid relationship because of the connection they have throughout the song. All in all, it’s a pleasant song with great irony in it. You’ll know it when you hear it, no spoilers. Be sure to check out Smiles with Teeth” and their new EP, Suddenly Constantly.

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