subfer img
It’s the Summer time, shouldn’t we be riding more synth waves (pun intended). I mean it figuratively and literally, or even both fused into one. Just like a wave, the synth wave indicates when it’s a flow of musical oceanic state. Subfer does a bit of a change of scenery by adding the synth wave at the drop accompanied by a classic piano key rhythm section and melodic chime bells. It’s peaceful yet dangerous as a tall wave. “Down” is what symbolizes the ocean perfectly because it’s a place where we love to be, be it the beach or out on a boat, it’s a place of relaxation and fun. Just like the ocean is dangerous, this track shows you the power it has in the drop and blows you away where you have to hold on to something to no fall off your chair, or in the case of a boat, off the ledge.
The vocals is another story as it has the depth and unpredictability of the ocean as well as it shares the characteristics of the synth wave. The vocals are peaceful and soothing to the ear but then can catch you off guard as well with the range of her talents. As the lyrics state, “You still need me”, as the ocean will forever be needed by us, Subfer makes it known that we’ll always need his music. The rhythmic guitar that is followed by the same piano key melody is so freaking awesome and then changes it up the second time around, utter perfection.
Listen to “Down” by Subfer and don’t let this chance of an epic Summer wave pass you by. Enjoy!

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