Flaviyake is a Pop artist, songwriter and producer known for going the extra mile, doing what others dare not to do. Her artist name is coming from her real name Flavia and part of a Japanese name “yake” (from Issey Miyake, her favourite fashion designer). This is where we get such an out of nowhere track like “Bad In Bed“, something you thought you’d never see, let alone listen to.
Originally she is from Moldova, has  given a lot of live shows in London, where she also played on BBC6 Music Radio, writing songs for artists in Russia and now based in Los Angeles. Flaviyake decided to defend women after ready articles on women’s websites telling women not to tell men their feelings. I was appalled that women’s websites or any website would advise that. Communication is key when it comes to relationships and to feel the need to be quiet is not healthy anymore. “Bad In Bed” is her first track as a producer as well. The song “Bad in Bed” is talking about that beast in a man that makes a  woman feel submissive. Although BDSM is widely used in the music  industry (artist and dancers’ outfits, stage design, song lyrics, music videos), Flaviyake is really coming from that background and knows this
topic not from reading.
It’s easy to talk about something we barely know anything about, but I rather trust the opinion of someone who has actually lived through it. Listen to Flaviyake’s new track “Back In Bed” and let us know your opinion on it.



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