david mountain lil louie

The first thought that popped into our head when we first listened to this track was that it would’ve been perfect to add to the soundtrack of Pulpfiction during the dance scene between John Travolta and Uma Thurman. It has such a lounge feel to it that you instantly feel a rush of cool flow through you as you make your way to the scene. David Mountain does a great job of capturing that feel for it as you get an Indie Jazz lounge tune. The drums give us the most sense of lounge because it utilizes the quick Jazz hi-hat and quick drum taps to the cymbals to keep pace. What we have here is “Lil Louie“, and our interpretation was that that Louie is quite the character that spends most of his time in Jazz lounges. He’s the kind of guy that is pretty well off and loves just having himself his cocktail while snapping his fingers to the local Jazz talent.

The rhythm guitar does a great job of keeping the same pace as well to not throw off the listener and keep the chill vibe surrounding the space. Then, out of nowhere, the music changes when the guitar decides to amp up the volume and uses the chorus flange effect to make it sound eccentric and awoken. As if to say, enough of that, let’s get this party started and wake up the dancing feet. It’s quite the jump but very well-timed and we just had to hear it again.



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