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We’re all “Children of the Sun“. What does this mean? What’s the main idea behind this track. All you have is the lyrics, your imagination and the interpretation your mind comes up with. Scarlett Taylor knows how to set up the tone with such a provocative idea that is “Children of the Sun”. There is a sound of Psychedelic Rock, with a bit of 90’s Grunge Pop peeking in, think along the lines of the 90’s Grunge Pop band, Garbage. They have the fuzzy guitar chords that is couple with single string strum of the same fuzzy sound to keep the element of tough-as-nails intact. Psychedelic comes in by their choice of vocal effects: has the same fuzzy sound as the guitar but with a lot of reverb. 

Let’s step into the lyrics now. One thing that really captured our attention was towards the end of the song where all they do is repeat the same line over and over again over a fuzzed guitar chord that plays over as well. On top of that, the sound of a television breaking up connection and you hear the fuzz from the television not working, that’s what we hear too. Now, all it’s saying is “I feel the devil near” over and over again, which kind of creeped us out, especially the way she is singing it as if she was already possessed and the sounds playing is the capturing by the devil. It’s pretty intense when you really listen closely and you are trying to dive in to the music, but now you’ve realized you might’ve dove in too deep.

Feel the trip for yourself by listening to “Children of the Sun” by Scarlett Taylor.


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