good kid witches
There are 3 things that make this world go ’round: Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galacctica. Whoops, never mind that. We thought it was Dwight Schrute’s world and we were just living in it. Well, here’s another set of 3 things that make the world go ’round for the band being featured tonight: Music, computers, and video games. Good Kid is a band made of friends who like three of the those same things. The latter you can say would be the constant inspiration for all the writing and jam sessions they have. This is how they were able to show us “Witches“, their new track release that’s truly an alternative sound.

The band was originally formed in Toronto in 2013, which they met in the University of Toronto in a Computer Science class. They later met their other two band members in the same way, except for their drummer, who just enjoys the presence of Computer Science musicians. They share many of the same musical influences: from early 2000’s fast-paced Indie rock bands like Bloc Party, The Strokes and Tokyo Police Club to folk legends like Johnny Cash. Fun fact: they have a real admiration and fascination with Japanese Math-Rock band, Toe.
Witches” is just a fast-paced fun song like those that you can think of from the early 2000’s and we’re glad that genre of music is still alive and hoping to make a comeback. Give it a listen and revel in the fun of music, computers, and video games.

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