lilli passero singing

Unchained Melody” is one of our favorite songs to ever be listened to by our ears and it’s an utterly difficult song to cover, let alone do a good enough job without butchering it. Nevertheless, The Voice contestant Lilli Passero has dared to try the impossible and she absolutely smashed it! We say that in a good way, her vocals are perfect to match the tone of this classic. “Unchained Melody” is such a heart-stopping song that only those who truly feel what the lyrics say can really perform up to par with it. Only those who have truly hungered for the touch from the one they love, where time seems like so much, lonely time. When it says “Time goes by so slowly”, it is felt every time we listen to it sung by The Righteous Brother, but now when Lilli Passero sings it as well. Time loses its own sense of time as it is being serenaded by the voice of these two singers.

Music is truly our love and our darling and Lilli Passero delivers it in such a soulful and lovely act; there’s no stopping such a talent like this. That’s why The Voice was the perfect stage for her to show the world she can do it. We’re excited to follow her and create her own soulful classic to make time slow down for this generation of lovers. Take a minute and turn it into twenty as you listen to Lilli Pallero romanticize your ear drums with the cover of “Unchained Melody“.


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