As the story goes, the way Royal South Sound was first created by another band, Lumbayao. As more and more people wanted to join this eccentric Reggae band, the more bandmates had a say in a change of scenery. That’s how they got the name, Royal South Sound. Anyone and everyone is allowed a say, allowed a voice to contribute something, even from individual tracks. This is what makes this band quite unique: it’s a collaboration of individuals coming together to bring you one unified sound in cohesion with each one’s individuality. This sounds difficult to understand as it sounds damn nearly impossible to do because of all the ideas people have, yet somehow, they make it work. Now, “Extricate ft. Amadeo” is born and the bloom of a promising flower finally blossoms. 

Here’s another crazy fact about the band; they sometimes are not in the same room recording, heck, not even in the same city or country. Yes, this is where individuality comes to play again. They contact through email and send each other tracks/loops/stems and they go off of another one’s idea for a song and string together their own melody or riff to it. Again, this is some crazy stuff to think about because we can’t even text my brother what festival he wants to go to this year.

This is why we appreciate “Extricate ft. Amadeo” even more because of how dedicated and in unison they are to make the best music. As they stated themselves, “We focus more importantly in the music and brotherhood. It doesn’t matter who contributes more on a certain track, we all know why we are here, and that’s to make amazing music. Check out “Extricate ft. Amadeo” by Royal South Sound below.


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