palm haze

You’ll find yourself deep inside the ethereal sounds between dreams and reality when you sink your teeth into this new track that Palm Haze just released. “Gravitation” truly makes you feel like you’re in limbo, in a state of mind where past and future meet, where consciousness and unconsciousness mesh together, courage and fear pick you apart, feel a pull or chase the feeling as music helps you make the choice. 

The band was first founded in Brazil but they are now based in Vancouver. They’re a band that is able to blend their Alternative Rock influences like Placebo and Sonic Youth, to Shoegaze and Trip Hop influences like My Bloody Valentine and Portishead. The mesh of these influence is able to create a sound that can be both heavy and smooth, exactly like we said before. You’re feeling the pull or you’re chasing it, but you get the best of both worlds, or should we say, the best of both feelings. As you listen to “Gravitation”, listen to the fuzzed guitar, listen for the soothing vocals, listen for the heavy guitar chords, and listen for that touch of bossa nova (Brazilian music). Influences all around to make one unique sound. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and enjoy this gentle killer track.


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