kevin weir album

We’ve all heard these dreaded 3 words that make each and every one of us cringe, “Let’s Be Friends“. Yuck! It is such a stab in the heart and Kevin Weir knows too well how this feels and he’s laid it all out in this new track. We don’t even want to speak too much on this topic because it brings up some forgettable memories. Let’s get to the music, that’s what we’re here for anyway.

It’s labeled as Alternative Rock, but we get a sense of Emo Punk, something like My Chemical Romance and From First To Last in their early years. Emo Punk definitely needs to make a comeback and events such as Emo Night in Los Angeles keeps the spirit alive. Where are the bands like Blink 182, Linkin Park, etc. bring the pain and guitar strums back. the fast-paces drum patterns to have the feel and rawness of Punk back.

Kevin Weir has the vocals for the next big singer in the Emo Punk scene and with a bit of voice manipulation through effects. He’s a package full of spunk and filled with energy that needs to be released, not harnessed. Enjoy Kevin before this music makes a comeback!

Listen to “Let’s Be Friends” now!


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