the paisley daze two

We just want to name a few of the bands that our featured band today is influenced by: James Brown, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, The Stone Roses, and A Tribe Called Quest. We wanted to bring this to your attention because we want you to get a feel of where this band comes from and why their music sounds like it does. Trust us, once you listen to one of their tracks, you’ll see the influence of each and every one of these. Yes, you’ll even hear a sense of A Tribe Called Quest influence in there. Without further ado, we have The Paisley Daze and their newest track, “She’s The One“. 

Did you skip this post and go straight to the music? If you haven’t, don’t do it just yet. We want you to get to know this band a little bit more before you get the full taste of their music. Once you listen, you’ll know what they’re all about and skip their story. This U.K. based band consists of Kishan and Pritham Bahra, two inseparable brothers, Sean Byrne, Mark Lam, Elisa Trimachi and Jack Gooderidge. They believe that the world has been missing a proper Rock N’ Roll band that brings back a sort of edge and desire to get the people moving again. They want to shape the way people think, walk, dress, talk, basically just want to shake up the world the way they see fit. They want you to be twisting & shouting, and not caring about disagreements, only caring that we’re having a great time with the person standing right next to us.

Do you consider yourself someone who enjoys a good night out full of love, great music, and good ‘ol mayhem in the streets then The Paisley Daze are ready to rock you. Let the skeleton out and dance to the music while you listen to “She’s The One“.



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