Dread Pitt Adrenaline

Are you feeling tired throughout the day? Are you hitting that 2 p.m. wall that just wants to put you to sleep? Coffee not getting it done anymore? Am I asking you too many questions? Oh well, get this shot of “Adrenaline” by Dread Pitt and you’ll have the energy of 100 gazelles escaping from a mighty lion. Crazy comparison, right? What the heck else did you expect, we are We Sound Strange after all! 

This off-the-wall Trap song will get you jumping off your seat and onto a Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull challenge because it’ll have you feeling like you can conquer anything, as you should be feeling everyday. We can conquer anything we set our minds to, we just need the will and the know-how to get it done. The bass is just so heavy and right on cue, it adds to the power of the snare and the drum kick when it decides to add more sound and kicks. The synthetic guitar is a nice touch to the build up because it keeps everything hardcore, it keeps the essence of what Trap music should be.

Nowadays, Trap has become too simplistic and has gone away from its roots, away from the reason people followed its hardcore nature. It was slightly less intense as Dubstep but just as insane and just as heavy. The synthetic string chords add chills to your spine because it reminds us of space monsters that are out of this world, and they must exist because we only see as far as the eyes can see.

Jump to the next millenium already by taking a listen to Dread Pitt’s “Adrenaline”. Blood will be pumping through your veins to get your inner monster unleashed.


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