early eyes album

Minneapolis is lucky to have such a great up-and-coming band like Early Eyes at their fingertips because they’re booked all around Minnesota. Just this weekend they reassured us why they are the next band to look out for. Their new EP, Minutes is breathtakingly exquisite and their track, “Good Hearts” is their cherry on top. We decided to delve into this track entirely because it’s the one that stood out to us the most. 

What first intrigued us about this tune is the way it begins with the fast-paced drums and it’s use of the hi-hat. It gave us a bit of Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher taste because of the similar fast-paced start, although Hot For Teacher was more hardcore. We know “Good Hearts” has a lighter feel to keep it fun. Then we noticed their use of the muted pick guitar and we immediately had to reach out to Early Eyes. Any band that utilizes this technique is held in high regards in our book because it’s not easy to do and it’s not easy to make a nice rhythm that’s as fast as this one. The other rhythm guitar utilizes the simplistic G chord with delay to have a sense of quick and slow patterns to it. The vocals remind us of what Foster The People used to sound like, and it’s a sound that we miss.

We live in sunny California and it’s the Summer time, so we’d be crazy to leave, right? Early Eyes evoke this sort of passion once you get to listen to their album. Try it out and see if you won’t reach for your pocket to scrape some money for a ticket to Minnesota. Why are you still reading? Go listen to “Good Hearts” right now!


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