mike pinto let you go

The California Roots Festival is getting ready for its 8th annual weekend of pure Reggae magic. It’s a weekend full of peace, love, and good vibes. This is why we’re proud and excited to present a new single release of Mike Pinto‘s upcoming album Hotel Rendezvous coming out June 27th. Yup, you better believe that Mike is having his own set during Cali Roots and he’s going to show off his dope new track. “Let You Go” just dropped on Monday and it’s already gaining traction, which is killing us with anticipation to go listen to it live this weekend. 

We’ve followed Mike Pinto throughout the years and the one thing we want to tell you, and what he likes to be remembered as, one of the greatest storytellers of our time. For good reason, he’s told great stories through many of his past albums and we’re definitely excited to see what stories he has in store for us in his new album, Hotel Rendezvous. Past tracks like “A Thousand Years Ago” and “Tempation” are two of our personal favorites because they hit us on a personal level. This new single is no different, it has a story that rings true to us. We’ve all had a one true love that has gotten away, the one we wish we could still have with us in our arms. Did they really love us at all? It’s difficult to let go but it may be the best for us in the long run.

Moving on is one of the toughest things to ask the human heart to do. It’s even tough for us to write this because we’re reminded of her, but as Mike Pinto states, “Let You Go“. Try to listen to this track without thinking back and reminiscing. If you also happen to be in Monterrey, Ca this weekend, you may be lucky enough to catch Mike Pinto live.



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