two feet tracks

The world owes Harlem, New York a huge thank you because it’s responsible for giving us the next big band when it comes to Jazz & Blues, Two Feet. We were absolutely blown away by the release of their mini EP of “Love Is A Bitch” and “Had Some Drinks“.

They are both heavily reliant to the Blues guitar and when we say heavy reliant, we mean it. The entirety of the tracks rely on the elegant and raw sound of the Blues guitar. The melody is just so damn sexy, so damn raw that it makes you feel like you’re dripping in sweat with passion. Wherever that passion may lie, this track takes you to the depths of intimate action. The rhythm is also played by the Blues but with a simple upstroke on a simplistic chord. Add in the echo large room effect makes it seem as if it’s being played by multiple guitars.

Don’t get us started on the bass. The bass is so simple’ it’s muster comes from one key and one key only, but it’s all it needs to emphasize the emotions being played here. The soft whispers of the vocals knows you’re in for a deeper connection with Two Feet. What perfection, what display of sexual urge. We may be taking it over the limit with what this track makes us feel but do one should be bound by what others deem correct. If this is what we felt by listening to these two tracks then so be it. How did they make you feel? Give “Had Some Drinks” a listen a tell us your initial reaction.


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