We go through our lives thinking we know what’s best, we know what we want and who we want but in reality, we know diddly squat. This brings us to showcase our newest favorite band, Sad Picnic. They just released a new single that just blew us away and no one is going to argue with us. “I Thought I Knew” is too contagious that it’s spreading like wildfire, yet this is one wild fire we don’t want to put out and you shouldn’t either.

When we first listened to this track we immediately got a hint of Queen-infused melodies and harmonies. It’s a song that we can picture ourselves having a beer with our best buds as we are arm in arm bellowing “I Thought I Knew”. Go ahead, try to think of a Queen classic when you don’t picture yourself doing that. A very simplistic bassline that is easy to follow is what allows this. Add in the power chords to cue when to chime in on the singing. The lyrics are just as entertaining as a Queen song and just as deep in its lyrical meaning. Of course, the comparison wouldn’t be complete with a guitar solo/bridge that is puts the Rock label over the Pop.

If you want a great song or just another karaoke track to add to your arsenal, listen to Sad Picnic‘s “I Thought I Knew” and tell us it doesn’t have the making of a instant classic.




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