that hidden promise

No one hates anything more than an empty promise. An empty promise can be one of the most heartbreaking things in the world because we had so much hope built in that we really expected nothing less. Well, what is a promise? A statement telling someone that you will definitely do something, definitely. The word definitely makes all the difference. An empty promise is saying you will definitely do it but with the intention of definitely not doing it, definitely not. Find That Hidden Promise to deliver on their claim that their newest single that was just released, is in fact awesome. “All things, all will come” is Rock N’ Roll riffs and grit and its finest, and we also back that claim. 

When we say that this is a truly great riff, it captures everything that riff Rock embodies. Get this; all the instruments played in this song is done by one man, a one-man band! He even writes his own lyrics! As he stated, “It was written in a moment of boundless optimism, in the belief that despite what’s going on, despite what you feel is keeping you down, despite the negativity that is clouding the world, if you keep going, things will come right for you”. He sounds a little naive, right? Who cares! He has the confidence to make something, and that something is “All things, all will come“.

He’s been touring all over the U.K. and he plans to extend it out to further territory this year so be on the look out. As a matter of fact, make sure to go visit his Facebook page and keep up-to-date on where he plays. Find it below, along with “All things, all will come” for a listen.




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