harvard of the south

Harvard of the South, with a band name like that you better have some high quality music. Well, with a track like “Without“, you can surely call us believers. 

Now, we know you’re not used to listening to good Rock N’ Roll nowadays because everything is starting to sound all the same. You can’t tell the difference between whats good or what’s bad because well, there isn’t really much of a difference to tell. What you need to do is ask if you’re the betting type, the type to take a chance on something new. Take the pros and cons of this bet: if you win, you have a sick new track to be rockin’ out to next time you’re stuck in a traffic jam. If you lose, you listen to a track and move on to the next like nothing ever happened. Here’s where a win-win situation comes in, you’ve taken a risk without knowing the end result. Isn’t the unknown exciting!

Without” has what you want in a Rock N’ Roll record. The guitar chords that dance percussion pairs with well. Add in some keyboard melody to get the light feel of the track into your groove. It helps that the vocalist is pretty damn good as well to keep you interested and humming along. Pop it into your rotation and see for yourself how enchanting this track is.


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