avery lr

Nothing is ever what it seems. That’s why your rear view mirrors say that objects may be closer than they appear. Avery Lr learned this fact very quickly and he’s applied it to his underground hip hop career because he knows nothing is a sure thing. This is why he is ecstatic to release his latest track, “Never Surrender” because it says everything he’s always wanted to say and just lays it all out. 

Being born in Maryland, he’s spent most of his adolescent years all around the state until he moved to Colombia with his grandmother, where he was taught the dangers of drugs and crime by frequenting prison visits to see various family members. This gave him a jolt of reality because that life only leads to pain and heartbreak for not just you, but those around who love you. This had a lasting impression on him that he promised that he would never lead that kind of life; this is where music came in.

When he moved to Utah with his mother, this is where music had a heavy influence in his life. “Never Surrender” talks about the topics that are not easy to bring out because they are tough to talk about. Topics such as sexual abuse, drugs, and teen suicide, all of which are heartbreakingly common. Avery’s lyrics are thought provoking, uplifting and inspirational, and are based on some of his experiences as a young adult. The track is real and is able to paint a picture of his life and surroundings, how they helped shape his music to avoid the harsh life that his grandmother showed him all those years ago. With lyrics like “Back in 96 is when my life got hard, grandmother died and my moms locked in the yard”.

If you can do us a favor and listen to “Never Surrender“, we know you’ll feel inspired to never give up, no matter what it is.



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