pluto fest

Welcome to the upper echelon of Hip Hop music, where rappers and hip hop artists dream to be one day. Pluto has aspirations of one day being among the top artists to hold one of the hottest acts. When you want to be in the upper echelon of Hip Hop, what do you do? Screw it, you create a song about the upper echelon of music, that’ll surely get the people’s attention, and don’t call him Shirley. Let’s get it poppin’ with Pluto’s “Echelon“. 

Best way to do this is to get yourself exposed and make people remember your name with the type of performance you put on. “Echelon” mixes a dope ass beat to fit with the top rappers around and we couldn’t find anything that points to it being a letdown. When 2Chainz gets on a beat and spits a verse over your mix, damn you know that’s gonna be some real heat. Call up Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro because there’s so much damn heat in this track. Don’t take our word for it, we don’t exactly know what you want to hear but we get pretty freaking close. Let the beat kick in and the verses traumatize what you once knew as dope mixes. Catch him in Toronto for the Veld Festival that will be featuring Tiesto, Future, and Major Lazer. We Sound Strange will definitely make it out and support some damn good music. If you see us, make sure to give us a holler and a Strange interaction.


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