moon boots life

The sensation of being able to breathe underwater and in space is such a surreal thought. Imagine the possibilities of exploration if we had such powers, such courage to venture out into the unknown. There’s so much we don’t know about our own world, let alone the entire universe. This is why we should never let go of the imagination we constantly relied upon as a kid. Allow us to bring you back into a state of childlike imagination and see where your mind wanders. Moon Boots brings you the music that allows you to step forth towards your virtual journey with their new track, “The Life Aquatic”.

Follow the melody of the keyboard step-by-step towards a new destination; follow the new figment of your imagination. Recreate your own Disney World if that’s what you desire. Your passion, your desire, these are the percussion sounds that take the complex patterns to keep the engine running. Keep the journey afloat. Use the shaker and the hi-hat to control your brainwaves to keep you under this deep sleep. The only vocal in the track is the North Star you’re chasing to find what you’re looking for. What are you looking for? There’s meaning behind every dream, and every dream has a point of no return. This is where your imagination feels that it’s in control but in fact, there’s very little control when losing your mind. Yes, losing your mind.

It takes a brave soul to admit that they’ve lost their mind when putting their imagination into reality. You think the internet is something that wasn’t dreamed up first? Space exploration wasn’t dreamt up by someone believing their dream of actually being able to go up in space? That’s why we may not have the powers we stated in the aforementioned, but it’s not to say one’s imagination won’t lead them in a way to achieve it. Slip into the realms of your own virtual reality as you listen to “The Life Aquatic” by Moon Boots.

Send any recently released tracks and we’ll give it listen for a possible feature!


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