emmit fenn

Nowadays, whenever an older millenial begins to reminisce about the olden days, ever notice they start by saying, “Yeah, back in ’95” and they get to telling their story about phones with cords on them or something like that. This track is appropriately called “1995” to give people a reminder of R&B music back in those days, for those 90’s kids to reminisce. Emmit Fenn takes his vocal talent to new levels with this one. 

There is modern takes to the new wave of R&B right now as well as he takes advantages of the synth waves for the chorus to perplex us with power and urgency while he slows is down with soft and sultry vocals. The lyrics speak of someone in need of rescuing, thinking that only his dreams can be rescued. Such opposing directions with production and lyrics, but that’s the unique take to it that makes it a blast from the past with new modern seduction.

We wanted to take a quick look at the heavy but low buzzing from the bass to pair with the low speaking vocals, keeping the flow consistent until the chorus pops. The semi-chopped high-pitched vocals is an interesting twist to this R&B song. Give us your take on this track by listening to it below.


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