most art animals

Ever picked the petal off a flower to see if your crush loved you or not? What if that flower could speak, what would it say? “Ouch, that hurts. Ouch, that hurts as well, and he loves you not. I could’ve told you because I have an even number of petals!”. Ok, yes this is an old Mitch Hedberg joke, but it’s still funny 15 years later. Horrible teaser but who cares because “Love Me Not” is only one of many tracks MostArt has released to let you inside the wires in his mind. We have the pleasure in introducing an artist who’s all about the music, all about creating and innovating the next wave. Wanna know how we discovered such a dope underground artist? A friend of a friend, how most new music is discovered. 

MostArt is insanely dedicated and insanely talented in what he does; for one, he’s been playing the piano since he was 6 years old. It wasn’t long after that he started recording and producing his own music. At the young age of 15 he was already using many different analog and digital gear to twist it up and create sick percussion patterns and keyboard synth melodies. Just listen to “Love Me Not” and you’ll hear exactly what we mean. Just listen, that synth keyboard melody is too catchy not to follow and mimic over and over again. Add in the delayed bass sounds with a horn section signaling the pattern, perfect to synchronize a sick drop. The great tease of the decade, as we like to call it. Throw in a chorus of MostArt repetition and we have a new theory of synth evolution.

MostArt likes to keep things hush hush and always surprising the public with his next move. Stay alert because he may be playing a secret show very soon near LA and we want the We Sound Strange parade to know about it first. For now,  listen to “Love Me Not” without harming another flower.


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