the reason how does it feel

Our favorite boys of Glasgow are back with a new EP and it rocks harder than ever. Scotland has provided the world with a fresh new face for Rock N’ Roll. The Reason is definitely a new addiction that we don’t plan on ever quitting. “How Does It Feel” follows up a damn good EP in “Initation” but they found a way to up it; you can listen to the difference in their play that they’ve really developed into better musicians, if that was even possible since they already kicked ass. 

The guitar playing in this EP is simply phenomenal. We decided to showcase the guitar playing first because we can hear how he’s matured, how solid his chord progressions have become after coming up with such intoxication riffs for “Hold On” and “Where We Belong“. We are taking a wild guess here but we feel this EP is slightly influenced by The Strokes just by listening to the guitar playing. “Requiem” has so much flange and delay, it has a sense of grunge mixed with punk.

Requiem” is more to highlight the sexy vocals to capture the groupies (oops, we meant girls) who absolutely love a guy who can sing, and sing he can. The drums keep it simple to clap along to so that the audience can get involved and chant their name. Utilizing the hi-hat to keep the steady pace of punk-pop but talented enough to change the pace to some Heavy Rock to bang your heads to. The guitar is simply out of this world as it basically can have it’s own instrumental of this song because of it’s own melody that contrasts but at the same time complements the vocals.

Want more proof to really cement how awesome this band is? They included two live songs “Do It Again“, where it starts with a sick drum solo that’s accompanied by the roars of the audience. Then the bass hits you with quick picking to let you know you’re in for fast-pace song so get up off your feet. Then we hear a Tom Morello-type guitar riff to build up some angst and then boom, it hits you with mosh pit worthy percussion to rally around. “What We Do” is just a declaration of who The Reason is; listen and you’ll know what we mean.

Be sure to stick your fist high in the air and pump to the sounds of Rock N’ Roll from The Reason. Listen to their newest EP, “How Does It Feel” below.


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