ed han moonlit beach

The days are getting warmer and you just know, you know that this Summer is going to be one to remember. You’re going to make memories that will last you a lifetime, meet great people who influence you to be a better you, and experience things you only dreamed of. Listen to Mother Nature as she’s trying to tell you something, “I’m yours, don’t take me for granted”. We urge you, before the Summer even starts, take a drive to your local “Moonlit Beach” and create a plan to achieve everything on your “Life’s Adventure List”. We have one of the hardest working artists we know,  Ed Han, to provide you some pondering-type of music with his latest release, “Moonlit Beach“. 

Everything about this track yells smooth, from the smooth chord progression to the consistent mellow vibe from the percussion. Throw in the ever-so-soothing muted picking guitar to provide you a rhythmic melody and you got yourself a compilation of feel-good vibes. Of course, you can’t have a chill track with out some synth waves and Ed Han uses it to perfection to complement the percussion.

Oh, you want more you say? Ed throws in a dope flute melody to truly capture the essence of a “Moonlit Beach“. Remember when we stated earlier to drive to your nearest beach. If you still can, do it, it’ll change you. If you can’t, pop “Moonlit Beach” on a let the track take you on a self-discovering journey through each chord progression. Let your conscience be your guide and the music be your your partner in spirit.

Make sure to follow Ed Han on IG: https://www.instagram.com/ehansolo/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/edhanmusic/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EHan_Solo


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