gabso album

What do you when you have it all in the palm of your hand. When you have the city that you came from following your every sound, your every release. We want to present to you GaBso, the man that is going to want to make you change your name and follow him to his hometown, Israel. Yes, he’s the next biggest pop sensation to come out of Israel and he’s ready to make a jump. He’s been performing on stage for the past fourteen years and his name is certainly recognizable, but he’s looking to take a huge leap with “All In My Hand”. It’s not too crazy to think he’s ready for it all and have us at the palm of his hand.


Gabso had his start in the Israel version of American Idol, which is called Kochav Nolad. This is his first English EP that he has released worldwide that was written and composed by him. He’s a religious soldier at the heart of the mainstream who is not afraid of expressing his strong opinion. Something we congratulate because that is what living in these times is all about  being able to speak your mind and make a difference. It’s not a freedom we all have in the world but it’s a freedom we all look to exercise in the future very soon. This is why he finds his latest release to be the most important of them all, to spread the message and speak his mind.
GaBso’s songs have become the soundtrack of Israel and he has reached a status as one of the most respected and one of the most intriguing artists in Israel. He wants to be the figure who inspires, not only his nation, but everyone to listen and pay attention to what’s happening. We respect that, and we respect “All In My Hand” for what it’s worth, a message worth listening. No spoilers but we urge you to sit back and listen to what GaBso has to say.


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