gravity circus skyline

“A juggler and a clown on their entertaining journey, through the universe”. This is straight from the horse’s mouth, who is which is for them to know and we to find out. Nevertheless, we love the way they decided to describe themselves, different and strange that intrigues the audience to follow for more. It makes more sense to us now when we see their band is named Gravity Circus. They bring us their latest original track, “Skyline” to continue their entertaining journey.¬†

Are you to be taken seriously with such lack of experience, with such lack of time together? We sound like every company asking their job candidates to have 5 years experience for an entry-level job. We bring it up because this duo was paired up merely 10 months ago and they’ve already gained so much traction. So who are we to say that they’re not up for the challenge because they don’t have enough time spent with each other to play good music. All it takes is for the listener to open up their ears and let “Skyline” win them over. Let the music do the talking, not the history.

A little bit about them: “Due to many of their musical influences, every song stands out to be a unique and innovative concept”. We decided to take them up on their claim and nonetheless, we listened to 4 of their songs and each one of them sounded different than the other. Comfort kills. Steps outside the bounds of what you know and dab in the realm of risk. “Skyline” is merely one indication of the amount of talent and creativity this duo possesses.

The Netherlands is lucky to have this duo touring left and right for them, but for now, “Skyline” will do until they cross the sea to us in Los Angeles. Give Gravity Circus a chance to show you what they got as they are still prepping the release of their first EP.


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