hunny hunny

When you add a little honey to something, boy does it sweeten it just the way you like it. Shoot, We wouldn’t be able to drink tea if we didn’t have any honey. We wouldn’t be able to say “Honey, I’m home” when we get home to our wives…who are we kidding, we’re not married! Rick Moranis would only say “I shrunk the kids” instead of his famous “Honey, I shrunk the kids”. Here we go again going off on a tangent instead of telling you what this damn post is all about. We want to introduce you to Hunny‘s new song “Shy“. 

If you want to know what Hunny is all about, in a nutshell, “A Southern California six-piece band with sound that draws from a blend of 1980’s post punk mixed with their undying love for Prince”, Rest In Peace. The 80’s was a great time for music experimentation and Hunny wants to bring back the essence of experimentation, to innovate, instead of falling in a bubble that the mainstream wants to put you in.

Within the first 5 seconds of “Shy” you automatically know what they mean about their mix. You listen to the old synthesizers of the 80’s with a bubbly bass line from the 80’s. Think of 99 Luft Balloons. We also get the prototypical drums of the 80’s that is fast-paced with the 1,2 pattern. Their drummer, Joey Anderson is extremely talented because he can go from fast to ultra fast in the midst of beat.

Take a gander and listen to “Shy” by Hunny and you’ll recognize their sound almost immediately. Close your eyes and you’ll feel like it’s 1984 at the hottest club downtown. Be sure to enjoy yourself and have fun with this one!


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