ryos album

You have no idea where we’re taking this next blog post; its a direction you may or may not like, it’s Barely Legal. Oh yea, we’re talking about a fresh new 18-year-old that’s jumping onto the scene. Wait, what’d you think we were talking about ya sicko?! All we were leading up to was that there’s a fresh new face in EDM, it’s Ryos. A naturally-gifted artist that seems to only have great music ooze out of his fingertips. What we have for you is a sick track that just invades the musical part of your brain, vacancy or not. Allow us to introduce you to “Discover Love (ft. Envy Monroe)“. 

Ride the synthetic waves to your crazy place where no limits exist (insert Mean Girls joke) because this drop takes you beyond where dream meets reality. The bass drum hits so hard that it can take over your heartbeat as it enters your body and sets a new pace for your BPM. Pair that with the powerful vocals from Envy Monroe and we get a feeling that really makes you feel alive, it really kicks you in overload and you don’t even think about going back. That second drop especially makes you feel like you can fly and just when things could not get any better, it abruptly ends, leaving you in a conundrum because you want that feeling again. Lucky you, all you have to do is hit the repeat button. So do yourself a favor and hit that repeat button and feel like you’ve never felt before by listening to Ryos’ “Discover Love (ft. Envy Monroe)“.


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