8 graves

8 is such an interesting number. It’s the only number that, when written, the pencil never comes to a complete stop. Writing the number 8 can go one forever as you keep going and going over the same number. Wait, is that why it’s just an upright infinity symbol? Mind blown. Yes, that was very off topic but that’s how we decided to introduce 8 Graves and their recent release, “Silly of Me“. 

They grab life by the neck and tell em, “You don’t control us, we control us!”, because they don’t sit on the passenger side, they take the damn steering wheel as they take they’re own ride. Each 8 Graves song takes you on a long journey of self-discovery, no matter if its a lonesome road, a bleak road, or just tribulation after tribulation.

You can’t progress without going through some pain and 8 Graves is a firm believer in this; you learn more about yourself through the thick than the thin. Situations like those build character, really shows you what you’re made of. Just because this song is called “Silly of Me”, it doesn’t at all signify this as a chipper song. Yes, this collaboration of instruments make it sound as if it could be radio-friendly, but like nearly every other song, there’s depth in the words. Take those two ears of yours and truly pay attention to the lyrics.

We made it easy for you. Click below and let the music speak to you. Listen to 8 Graves bring you “Silly of Me


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