drew ford

Are you ready for some raggedy ass American music? This is definitely no knock on the following artist we’re about to showcase today. This is actually the way he likes to describe it, and its just the way we like it. Let’s give a warm welcome to a raggedy ass artist, Drew Ford, as he gives us his take on Sin City.

Being from the West Coast, it makes it extremely easy for us to go out to Las Vegas any time we’d like, but everyone has their own perspective on it and we’d love to hear his take on it. Also, we want people who don’t have the luxury of going to Las Vegas multiple times to get a different perspective, as we know, we all experience things much differently.

Music-wise we love the excellent build up and the great pull outs. His guitar-picking skills are superb and keeps the rhythm up while having an intriguing melody. Eventually, it leads to a very short bridge but with a great hook. This track has such a tough vibe to it, mainly because Drew has the vocals of a raspy man who’s has the tone of a man who’s seen many things and experienced a rough life. As he states, “Life goes on in Sin City”, which means he had to go through a hell of a lot to have this mentality. We really hope Drew Ford’s name catches fire and soon so that he can be a late entry to Stage Coach because this is one act they don’t want to miss out on. People need to hear Drew Ford.



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