tippling rock

Everything good seems to happen to Massachusetts: the New England Patriots just won the Superbowl, the Boston Red Sox recently won a World Series, and now they have one of the hottest Indie bands stepping onto the scene. We aren’t trying to insinuate that this band is on the level of greatness like these two teams, but they have the potential of being a widely-recognized band in the next coming weeks. We present to you Tipling Rock and their next big track to shoot them to global exposure, “A Side/ B Side“.


Want to know why we believe they have star potential? They have a similar sound as Cage The Elephant but with a different pizzazz. Tipling Rock seems to focus on instrumental harmony instead of power chords. It all just seems to go together, the rhythm guitar is simple yet perfectly paired with the melody being provided by the Lead slide guitar with delay effects. It actually has a sense of Surf Rock in it without the quick drum patterns. The vocals are simplistic, only focusing on the lyrics and letting the instruments do their thing. This is one of the ways we see the difference, we see each member display the potential to take over the song because they can each hold their own, music talent-wise.

The groove is set to be dancey but also to be rocked along with. It has a strange but familiar sound and we can’t put a finger on it but who cares, we love it. Take our word when we say you’ll definitely enjoy “A Side/ B Side” by Tipling Rock.


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