“The goal is to make you dance and make you cry at the same time”. This was a quote on Kasbo‘s Soundcloud when we first stumbled upon his most recent release, “Found You ft. Chelsea Cutler“.  Boy, aren’t we glad that we found you because this song has the power to do exactly that, make us feel things that we have perhaps purposely chosen to forget, all the while we’re moving our feet to an incredible beat. 


First off, we want to point out what a perfect pairing this is because they seem to bring out the best in each other and have the same vision when it comes to creating music. We are absolutely blown away when artists state he/she wants their music to be able to follow their vision, they make the music match their personality. It brings up feelings of joy, sadness, fear, etc. that go through your head when you’re trying to sleep. You know the feeling I’m speaking of don’t you. The drop, especially, seems to be made with the exact same love and feeling for the music that Kasbo generated for us to drop with.

Let’s get in really quick with Chelsea Cutler and the amazing voice she possesses to perfectly suit the feelings of this track. Its soothing yet meaningful if you understand our drift. As in, think Adele, its beautiful but has the prowess of queen and dominance. She is astounding in her vocal range and variety and we’d love to hear more from her soon. We hope “Found You” finds its way to our audience and beyond because everyone should enjoy this awesome track!



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