You can probably guess what type of mood we’re in when we chose to feature this song today. It’s Wednesday and we’re lazier than a Sunday morning. Well, why didn’t you wait to post it up on Sunday, guy? I’ll answer that question with another question. Why the eff not?! The lights are dim, the weather is cozy and the comfort food is beside us, again, why the eff not! I’ll stop stalling and tell you the song that has put us in a state of tranquility. Don’t be alarmed if it makes no sense at first; here’s “Watermelon” by Race of Mud.

We wanted to give our readers a quick homework assignment. Listen to “Watermelon” with your eyes closed, do not open your eyes for the entirety of the song. It’s not some psychological mind trick, it’s not some voodoo zen trick to all-of-a-sudden get you feeling relaxed, it’s just an exercise to get you alone with the music and experience only the music. We want nothing to come between you and the music, forget the troubles of the past, present and future.

Next step, the song is done, open your eyes. How do you feel? If you don’t feel any different, that’s ok, you just experienced “Watermelon” for what it was intended, to be listened to with no visuals and no distractions. If you felt something, take advantage of that feeling and chase it, don’t let anything pass you by anymore. Maybe this was our own epiphany when listening to this song but damn, when we’re not pursuing our passion we are no longer living.

We want to thank Race of Mud for keeping the We Sound Strange dreams alive and to never quit when things get tough or “busy”. IF you can make us one promise just promise us this, try the exercise while listening to “Watermelon” and let us know in the comments if it did anything for you.



One thought on “Race of Mud has us feeling some type of way with “Watermelon”

  1. Takes a lot of courage and openness to feature our song in your post. Lo-fi as it is I am happy to see someone nail it like this, close your eyes it’s up to you and you and even him to manifest what it is about. – river


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