4b love

No, please don’t say that. We want to believe Disney when they say that love exists and fairy tales are true. 4B doesn’t give a crap about what you think, “Love Is Dead“. On the bright side, at least this tells us that love was in fact real at one point, but its 2017 and love is a thing of the past. 

4B collaborates with Junkie Kid to bring you this epic Bass House track that gets you banging your fists in the air as soon as the percussion begins, let alone when the bass drops. Warning: bass drop may cause good time and reveal dance moves that you never even knew you had in you. 4B brings that New Jersey/ New York swagger that lets loose his aggressive Jersey club sound to the Electronic scene. Electronic music got a taste of the hard-knock aggressiveness when he released “Carnival” late last year but it’s child’s play when it comes to “Love Is Dead” because the pairing with Junkie Kid releases another side of wild from 4B.

For now, love might in fact be dead, but we’re at peace with that because we only have love for music right now. The energy and vibes you feel when you listen to music you really enjoy is the real love that will never fade. Listen to 4B x Junkie Kid’s “Love Is Dead” below and see if they can revive or deepen your love for music. Again, heed our warning from our previous statement.

IG: @dj4b

Twitter: @dj4b

Facebook: @likedj4b



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