nova star zero

Every time you hear the word Pop, you think of some bubble gum sensation that is producing some happy-go-lucky light-hearted track for people to go tra-la-la-la-la to. Nope, you’re wrong this time. At least with us, we brought you some Dark Electronic Pop to get you ready for one helluva weekend. Check this out, we have Nova Star dropping her single “Zero G” today to make you feel like you’re no longer on this Earth but instead among the stars. 

Nova Star is a triple-threat: she sings, writes her own lyrics, and plays the keyboard to produce some raw Dark Electronic Pop that shows you a tougher, edgier aspect of Pop. Let’s get this out there; we first found out about Nova when we stumbled upon one of her earlier songs “Strange” (duh, we love everything strange), which overwhelmed us with supernova sounds and creativity.

We love that Nova likes to go places people are afraid to go, reach beyond the creative bubble people find themselves in; she delves in energy forces that this Earth still cannot comprehend. “Joy ride flyin’ around the sun gone supernova” is the perfect examples of her breaking the chains that bind her to escape for a joyride among the galaxies most dangerous star. Heck, you better believe Nova wants to challenge the sun for THAT title.

We are excited because we know the best is yet to come. We’ve only gotten a taste of the massive potential she has, and the weird and strange side to her as well (We Sound Strange certified). Nova Star calls upon you, “Show me the view where our energy is glowing”, gleam with joy as you follow the intoxicating vocals. Follow the synthesized waves and the dance percussion beat into a dimly-lit “Zero G” night.


4 thoughts on “We can’t hide our excitement as Nova Star drops her single “Zero G” today!

  1. I absolutely love this!! Nova Star is an incredible woman on her way to greatness. Her music is phenomenal and her personality is one in a million. I’m so proud to be one of her biggest SuperNovas and look forward to all that is on her horizon. Love you Nova!


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