crystalize king

Step back, yes, we asked you to crystallize your mind, but what exactly does that mean. In the literal sense fo the definition, crystallize means to form crystals but it is also meant to become definite or clear. Darn, I guess we just figured out ourselves where the idiom “as clear as crystal” came from. One thing that is sure to be clear, Crystalize makes it clear that he wants to be the next king of bass with his new release, “King“. Well dang it, he wants to be the king too!

This track is loaded with personality that is just ready to blow up but it needs support of us loaded bass heads. The bass is loaded with each hand clap, each percussion strike and every beat-boxing bounce. “King” has so much bounce to the ounce that the synthesizers just mesh to perfection. Add in a subtle keyboard melody to make it sound just a bit innocent to give it the perfect balance right before the bass drops, and boy does the bass ever drop.

The synthesizer just goes on overload at the drop, it jolts electricity through your veins with it hitting every single blood cell in your body. It will make you feel as if your body is pumping Red Bull instead of blood.

As the second drop comes in it definitely hits you sideways because there was no way you’d see it coming. The melody jumps to a dubstep sound to slow things down but as soon as you get used to it, boom! The bass reverses back to the original drop and gets you jumping again. Take our word for it as we tell you to get crackin’ on listening to Crystalyze’s “King” and let your mind fall in the trap of Bass.


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