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April 14, 2017 – Ate 5 twinkies and 2 Little Debbie Brownies…Oh, wait. This isn’t my food journal. Please disregard that first sentence but definitely keep that date on your calendar because that’s the date Westing has announced the release of their EP, “I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself“. 

For now, Westing’s most recent track to drop from the album is “Skipping Beats” and we decided we wanted to listen to it and thoroughly feel it out to get a sense of the entire album has in store for us.

First thing is first, our first thought that popped in our head after listening to it is that’s it’s definitely for fans of hardcore emo and alternative. We should know, we went to Emo Nite last night at the Echoplex and it was freaking rad! Well, a little backstory to that as well; Westing originally started off as an acoustic solo act but it recently transitioned into a full-on band. This shouldn’t take anything away from them stating that they can’t rock because they can hold their own.

They can pound the sh** out of the drums, like a young restless Tommy Lee once did for Motley Crue. You can feel every strike of the drumstick. The guitar chords are in fact power chords to highlight the heavy sound they portray, the head-bang culture for us long-hairs. Accompanied to the power chords are the intricate guitar melodies from the Metal guitar that make the quick strums look so easy. As for the vocals, all we’re gonna say is that he sounds like M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold, and we freaking adore Avenged Sevenfold.

Like we stated earlier, if you love Hardcore Emo and Alternative you’re going to like Westing. Trust our word when we say you’ll be anxious for April 14th, and that’s not because you want to see if we actually ate all those twinkies.



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