The San Francisco Giants just had their season opener last night but the result wasn’t something to be too happy about. We wanted to brighten up their day a bit with the newest dope Indie band, Balboa. They recently just released a fun track that is still Indie but dabbles in the realms of Electronica with “Rinse“.

In the spirit of “Rinse“, all you San Franciscans? San Francisconites? Whatever the term is, rinse the bad taste of the opening loss and cheer on this new S.F. band that will surely do you proud. They bring a new fun energy to the scene to spring up the woes of your great city. Listen to rinse and feel the bubbly fun side of you to help forget the high housing costs of the San Franciscan life. (we settled on San Franciscans)

If you feel the need for tweed, I recommend a great episode of The Office, but if you’re looking for a fun new Indie sound that gets you jumping off your seat, check out “Rinse” by Balboa.


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