Friday’s post was about Surf Rock and wishing that Summer was already here. Take into account that it’s the first of April and we’re itching to play an April Fool’s prank on you but we MAY resist the temptation. Well, in the spirit of Summer, we bring you “July” by Kobey Cash

This new hip-hop track has the potential to be the banger of the Summer as it has the synthesizers in effect that truly has that summer feel. Feed into the fact that each keyboard strike is played in cohesion with the percussion, hitting quick patterns to match the steady lyrical flow that Kobey delivers.

As we stated earlier, Summer is on the mind of Kobey, but also the fact that he’s not fronting about the fun and success he’s having that other people on social media are claiming. Many people can fake it ’til they make it but Kobey Cash just does, he does what he feels and feels like he’s on top of the world. Hey, who’s to blame him, this track is dope.

We know you came here expecting some type of April Fool’s prank, some type of cruel joke because well, we do whatever the heck we want here. The prank is one of itself, April Fools us by telling me you won’t check out this track and then doing the opposite. If you have a meaner prank in mind that you want to do in person, catch us on the Las Vegas strip tonight wearing our black We Sound Strange shirt and you can let us have it.



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