swells dream girl

We get a peak into the Surf Punk world as Swells has graced us with “Dream Girl”

The world needs Surf Punk bands to make a comeback, they need to bring back the easy-living vibes of the surf world of the 60’s and 70’s. Where is the ultra-guitar sounds of Dick Dale, the intricate guitar melodies of The Ventures, the finest harmonies of The Deltones, and the all-around fun vibes of The Beach Boys. Then we have Swells, a band from North Hollywood that looks to be the band that does just that, get the world groovin’ to Surf Punk again with “Dream Girl“. 

If you ask them, their aspirations know no limits. We are “making a name for ourselves in the San Fernando Valley so we can bring our music as far as it needs to travel”.

Dream Girl“, to us, leans closer to Surf than Punk but nonetheless, it has us swaying to the rock-steady rhythm with our best gal. Yup, this track even has us speaking in the lingo of older times…gal.

The guitar melody is textbook Surf; playing the higher notes strumming softly to catch each string to accentuate the note as it is paired hammer-ons and intricate patterns. The guitar chords are mainly played in the higher frets, rarely going any lower than the 7th fret. It goes well with the quick Surf drum patterns of the high-hat.

Lyrically, it’s a sweet message that about a boy falling in love with the girl of his dreams, the one he is blindly devoted to. Give Swells a chance to help you escape the harsh reality and escape to your “Dream Girl“.



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