kash boykin

Try not to fall in love as you listen to “Lurk” by Kash Boykin

We think the world is ready for a new dream boat to take the reigns of being dubbed by Time magazine as “The Sexiest Man Alive”. Where do we get off making such bold claims for an artist that is still unknown? Well, believe it or not, Kash Boykin is a name that will be forever cemented in your brain once you listen to his voice; never mind that he is eye candy for all the girls to be craving just to be by his side. A taste of what is yet to come for the next decade, we bring you his latest track release, “Lurk“, which is perfectly fitting because the time will soon come when the girls will flock and lurk him nonstop. 


Let’s get into detail about the voice we were raving about earlier. The genre that “Lurk” would likely fall into is R&B and Pop, undeniably two genres where a talented and unique voice is needed to stand out in such a crowded field. Also, these are two genres where it’s expected to be able to hold your own when it comes to vocal pitch and range. Let us be the first to tell you, he doesn’t disappoint, in fact, he is nothing like we’ve heard before. We definitely see ourselves already oogling over him because his voice and the lyrics just make us melt. Every woman can just imagine themselves being sung to personally by Kash and trust their jaw will drop without even realizing it when they picture his face in front of theirs.

As for production, it’s pretty simplistic but it does it’s job to showcase Kash. The drum patterns work well to mix R&B and Hip Hop into the mix to rap and sing to. The keyboard melody works to set up a dreamy state of mind. Indeed, we are excited about Kash Boykin’s future and how it plays out. Listen to “Lurk” below and make sure to lurk his IG: @kashboykinxx to see the irresistible man behind the voice.


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