said the whale

Said The Whale release “Miscarriage” as their album “As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide” is set to drop March 31, 2017.

Since forming back in 2007, Said The Whale has decided to go back to their roots, back to when it was a project that knew no bounds, freedom to venture forward into uncharted art-pop territory. Don’t believe us? Just check out their most recent release, “Miscarriage” and you’ll get a sense of freedom, a sense of risk with no consequences. 


Miscarriage is one of the tracks from their fifth studio album, “As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide“. The album is set to release on March 31, 2017 via Hidden Pony Records. They’re really excited about the release of this album because they can vouch for each other at all the sacrifices they had to endure to truly make this a special album. Here’s just a taste of what some of the band members had to go through just to make sure this album was released on time. For one, band member Tyler Bancroft had to take some time off for the birth of his son. Newly married Jacelyn Brown had to record some of her parts while on her honeymoon in Southeast Asia; talk about commitment! It makes us excited and proud, as fans, to see the behind-the-scenes of what it takes to record an album,. It’s astonishing to know the great length and commitment Said The Whale has put forward to put out such a memorable album for their fans.


As for “Miscarriage“, it shows you that the band has gone back to their roots as this track seems like an experiment gone right. The soft, sultry vocals is what draws you in, but then the blasting of instruments coming together in an epic moment that’ll hype up your tranquil state. The coming together of the keyboard, the guitar, the drums, the synthetic effects, truly shows the controlled chaos that we remember from The Beatles and their track, “A Day In The Life”. Check out “Miscarriage” and be ready for the release of “As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide” on March 31, 2017.


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