juwn gold

Oooo baby, Monday never looked so good! No such thing as the Monday blues when you’re listening to the bangin’ sounds of Juwn and his track, “Gold“. This track was literally released minutes ago and we caught wind of it immediately since we’re such fans of this up-and-coming rapper from Ottawa. 


Yes, the first thought to pop up when you think of Juwn is his irresistibly sexy voice that gets any person in the baby-making mood. Go ahead, test it. This is where “Gold” is slightly different than what you’re used to; the sounds of the beat goes pretty hard to suggest that some ill-lyrics will be spit. Poof, out of nowhere is some heavy dosage of flat-lined bass penetrating every cylinder of ear capacity. The beat is hook enough for any Hip-hop, Trap, Rap, even instrumental heads to unite.


Juwn unleashes a very steady flow that combines vocal range and vocal variety. The variation of sounds created by his voice is astounding, it definitely has us interested throughout the track as to what vocal sound he chooses next. Interesting to see he uses this tactic to glue his audience to his music. He definitely doesn’t need to do this but any extra weapon in your arsenal is a weapon much appreciated.


It’s an all-around great song for Juwn to expand his horizons and to test his talent in other aspects of musical genres. No one can question the courage it takes to risk your neck by exploring new waters but Juwn nailed it down with “Gold“. We will use the wise words of Kenny Bania in Seinfeld to describe this track, “That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!”. Ok, ok, that was lame, but who cares because we love Seinfeld and we love this track. Check it out tonight and see if it doesn’t get you out of the Monday funk.


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