“If we all just close our eyes for a second, the Earth has music for those who choose to listen”. This quote comes from a YouTube comment that we found while listening to Chilled Cow’s premiere of “Emerald” by Kupla. We felt this quote perfectly embodies the essence of what “Emerald” is. 


The peaceful sounds of Earth can be listened to in this track; we can hear it from the natural sounds of the rain to the dangling of keys, this gives us the sounds of mother nature as well of the sounds of everyday human life. People try to find inner peace and oneness with nature by all kinds of methods and we completely agree with any way you’re able to find peace. All we are asking for here is to give “Emerald” a chance for you to choose an extra path to joy and inner peace.


Building the perfect atmosphere for a euphoric experience is what Kupla is all about, bringing you soothing sounds all the way from Helsinki, Finland! Well, mission accomplished because we’re listening to the beautiful music here in California and we thought we couldn’t be any more chill.


Saturday’s are usually saved to be the day to rage on, not worrying about what the week has in store for us, and for good reason. For those of you who choose to stay in tonight and just unwind with some relaxing tunes and maybe even some wine….ehem. Close your eyes and listen to the soothing sounds of Kupla with “Emerald“.


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