“You take the lead and I’ll follow. You got me high and I’m wondering how you make it so hard to breathe”. This single line can let you know what “Circles” is all about and what Kiso & Loe want us be feeling when listening to it. Their new Deep House track is not what Deep House heads would call a genre-specific track. As a matter of fact, some might say that this is trash, that this is some family-friendly type of crap. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion and we respect their wish to share it, but we have to strongly disagree.

“Circles” is mightily different than what you expect because there may not be as much bass, and it may sound a bit to chill for some ears, but controversy gets the people talking. Loe enthusiastically uses vocal effects to mix in with the bass to make it less heavy; could be pretty ironic, I call it ballsy. For our taste, this fits perfectly with the chill personalities that want something to groove to. This may piss some people off but everyone cannot be pleased; everyone can form their own opinion, as we have here, and let their voice be heard. The vocals in itself is vastly different than what you might hear in Deep House tracks, and we agree, it sounds a bit poppy, but it fits the script perfectly as it coexists with the sound of “Circles”. Do us a favor, listen to it and let us know your opinion.


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