miami horror

This album goes to all those who keep saying that they miss the “good ol’ days”, the ones who reminisce about a time when things seem much, much easier. Nevertheless, you don’t have to be someone who lived during the late 70’s or early 80’s to enjoy this new album release from Miami Horror that is aptly named “The Shapes”. This 5-track album has everything you need that was influenced from 70’s post-punk as well as the hypnotic bounce of world pop from the 80’s.


Our theory is early supported with the first track off the album, “Sign of the Times”, which has the key synthetic keyboard sounds of poppy and wah-wah effects to make the bounce fun. We also get the harmonies from a low, deep monotonous voice that is backed up with the band repeating his final word. Think, Talking Heads and their track, “Bringing Down The House”. We also get that sultry  bass that is the architect behind the bounce in your step. Then jump in with the track “Trapeze” and in the name itself we get our bounce reminder. Where this one is a bit different is that it has a bit of a disco flavor to it, kind of like KC & The Sunshine Band sort of sound.


Then we get to their most popular track from the album, “Leila”, which has a mixture of sense and nonsense, freak-beat-avant-funk to pick you up from the doldrums. If that doesn’t do it, that small saxophone part in the song will surely get you up. Our personal favorite has to be “Azimba” because it has the world sound with marimbas, guitar-picking as a bass, with bells and chimes, and of course the vocals of the entire band that definitely has an ethnic feel to it. Finally, “Dark Love” gets a special feature from the ever-so-talented Danny Pratt to give Miami Horror is sexy pop touch to finish an instant classic.


Be ready to teleport back to the early 80’s in Miami and say hello to Tony Montana for us as you make the world yours, chico. Miami Horror brings you the cure for 80’s nostalgia, and we were born in the 90’s! Take a listen to their new album and let us know if you feel the same way.


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