The middle of the week is approaching and you’re already looking forward to the weekend. We took you back to 1969 with yesterday’s post but we can’t take you to the future for your weekend extravaganza. Fortunately, we were able to stumble upon a track that is perfect to mend your Tuesday blues, to provide you a sense of relaxation and surefire way to de-stress. The track of the name says it all, “Paradise” by Darko is a 3-minute dive into a meditative state of mind.


The ringing of the xylophone keyboard effects really set the mood to escape the troubles of the world. You’re able to close your eyes and chime in with every keyboard stroke. We get the smooth guitar chords that slide in and out of the melody but hangs around with a slight echo that signifies the sun rising once again to a brighter day. We listen in to the laid back hip-hop percussion that lets us kick back with no repercussions . Also, how relevant that we mention the playful wind chime that comes in with such ease, that a slight cool breeze is hitting out face to shape our smile, easing us into our REM cycle of happy thoughts.


As we write this, our eyes are closed and thank goodness for spellcheck because our minds have already checked out to the silence of the night and the temptations of a good night sleep. Let Darko lead you down the path of smooth sailing as you relax in your own version of a “Paradise“.



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