“Songs can spark from anything. It’s just like love – it hits you out of nowhere, you can’t ever predict it. But when you feel it, you need to do whatever you can to hold onto that feeling and follow through and bring something good to life”. We absolutely loved this quote from Crista Ru, co-founder of POWERS, because we see that music is a part of her, it’s one with her. It’s a feeling that is indescribable but she put it down so eloquently. That’s why we’re so excited for POWERS and their newest track, “Man On The Moon“, for this is more than just music to them, it’s an escape, it’s a feeling of being more than just a man/woman, it’s other-worldly. 


POWERS access their musically-talented skills to play a variety of different music, from playing in underground punk bands in New York City to co-writing for the likes of Kylie Minogue and Selena Gomez. LA Weekly even stated that they “created a sound as classic as it is cutting-edge”, as they are able to blur their spot in what people like to classify in genres. Well, if we had to pin them on specific genre, we would have to choose Pop, but they are truly so much more than that. “Man On The Moon” is just a taste of the honey but don’t worry, they’ll be giving us the whole beehive soon.


For one, the vocals are so sensually provocative that it seems to call to you, to draw you in with every word. The keyboard effects help accent the sensual vocals, and let us not forget Crista providing the harmonies. The phasing effects are put to great use as we feel we are in a maze that we don’t want to get out of. Let POWERS draw you in as you listen below.


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